Jukka Niiranen

Welcome to the home base of  @jukkan. Residing in Helsinki, Finland, I tend to spend a lot of time online. As a result, I can be found on a number of services and networks. This site collects feeds from some of the more permanent ones. Look me up on one of these networks (click the icons for preview) or use the Contact link on the bottom right corner to get in touch.

In my job I work mainly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a powerful web application platform to manage relational information on customer facing business processes like sales, marketing, service and beyond. I've been awarded the Dynamics CRM MVP title for my community contributions, some of which can be seen on my Surviving CRM blog.

In addition to CRM, any collaborative tools that help information workers to be more effective in their jobs are close to my heart. No one likes to hunt down critical pieces of data from C-drives, inboxes or file shares, but neither does anyone enjoy filling forms in crappy enterprise applications that feel like they've been designed to punish the end user and hide away the relevant information from them rather than bringing it to their attention effortlessly. That is essentially the problem which I'm working to solve - for customers, colleagues, community members and, most importantly, myself.

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